Handmade Copper Giza Meditation Pyramid - L Type 3/8 Inch (Connectors Only)
Handmade Copper Giza Meditation Pyramid - L Type 3/8 Inch (Connectors Only)

Handmade Copper Giza Meditation Pyramid - L Type 3/8 Inch (Connectors Only)

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Handmade Product.

Giza Copper Meditation Pyramid connectors kit is for buyers who want to buy only the connectors. Package Dimensions: 5.5 x 5.5 x 4.4 inches. 3/8 Inch Solid Connector L Type Copper Pyramid Connectors Only.

What We Ship:
5 copper solid corner connectors
Rubber O-ring which holds the copper outer diameter 0.500 Inches /12.72 MM, inside diameter .430 (10.93)MM, wall thickness .039 (1.01) MM pipes together firmly and connectors are turned to fit into pipe
20 cm base copper capstone pyramid to cover the apex of the pyramid
One 40 mm hanging crystal and assembly instructions

Customers needs to buy outside:
Pipes will be arranged by buyers or those who already have right copper pipes
Copper Pipes can be easily obtained in nearby hardware stores or online stores up to 10 Feet in length
We do not take any responsibility if the buyer buys incorrect pipe sizes
This kit is the best and cost-effective in the whole world

This pyramid is an exact replica of the Giza pyramid and it's very precise made 51.83° slope angles which have been used TIG copper welding for connectors and capstone, to make the connectors we use laser pipe computerised cutting machines to make those precise calculate 51.83° slope angles. The main pipes, connectors, and the capstone is then grind-ed, buffing, highly polished so it won’t tarnish in time and the original copper colour will remain for a very long time
This makes these powerful personal tools the base meditation pyramid to achieving deep meditative states and accelerating healing on the spiritual, mental, and the physical levels. Many sleep in the Healing & Meditation Pyramid to improve their sleeping patterns and for inner peace and healing.

For aligning the pyramid to magnetic north, one can use free Apps available on iOS and Android platform. This pyramid can be assembled and disassembled within 5 to 10 minutes without any additional tools.

This connectors will be sent in 1 package. The connectors, capstone pyramid and crystal will be sent in a small box. Shipment will be sent through FedEx priority services within 2-3 business days.

IMP INFO: If you buy pipes yourself, then you have to spend at least 100$ + Searching right size+ fuel+ cutting in sizes. We ship the entire set with approx. 120$ Extra. We also provide a special waterproof, shockproof and hard casing for storing the pipes, so that you can carry it wherever you want safely. We buy pipes in bulk so we pass on this discount to our customers and we do not try to make money on pipes.

Note: kindly provide your mobile/contact number; it will be easy for FedEx guys to deliver the product.